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Ankle Sprains Part 1: I Just Rolled It and It F#$&ing Hurts (with Kamran Hamid, MD)
Episode 1720th September 2022 • Your Doctor Friends • Dr. Jeremy Alland and Dr. Julie Bruene
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“I rolled my ankle. What should I do?” Unfortunately we hear this often at Your Doctor Friends. Today, we take a look at this common injury, how to know if it is serious, how long it should take to heal, and more!

We are joined by Dr. Kamran Hamid, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in ankle injuries, particularly for athletes. He has served as a team doctor for the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Joffrey Ballet, and Duke University Athletics.

He treats a wide array of foot/ankle injuries in his capacity as Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Loyola Medicine, including ankle fractures, Achilles tendon repair, and ankle replacements, but in this episode, he shares his insights into one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in the world: ankle sprains!

Tuning in, you’ll also learn some fun facts about Dr. Hamid, including how he became the ‘Weird Al’ of Orthopedics! Ultimately, what we’ve learned is that ankle sprains are ugly. They're swollen, they're bruised, but guess what? It'll be okay. Just ask Your Doctor Friends.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What “I rolled my ankle” actually means to Dr. Hamid
  • How to judge the severity of your sprained ankle
  • Why you generally want to avoid getting an MRI early on
  • Some recommendations, including ice, elevation, and x-rays
  • Understanding why not all x-rays are created equal
  • The difference between urgency and emergency
  • How to let your pain be your guide
  • Common injuries that can result from rolling your ankle
  • A break versus a fracture versus a hairline fracture
  • The nuances of high ankle sprains
  • Instances when you might need surgery
  • Recovering from an ankle sprain (and the risks of reinjury)
  • How ankle injuries can impact the mental health of athletes
  • The immense value of physical therapy
  • Rapid fire: Dr. Hamid’s rap career, audiobooks of choice, and more!

Take a look at Dr. Hamid’s impressive CV here, or follow him on Instagram @thisiskomron and @theathletesankle.

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