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Episode 4120th October 2022 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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Better late than never! We had all sorts of problems with getting the podcast out this week, not helped by a trip to ADE in Amsterdam to record an episode with Ellen Allien which (all things going well) will be on your feed next week.

But right now on the show we have a very interesting and important person in the underground music scene of the UK - Elijah.

You may remember his work in the grime scene with Skilliam, you may remember his label, Butterz, if you're in the industry you may know him as an artist manager. But most likely you'll know his Yellow Squares project which has recently brought him a lot of attention as he leads a broad discussion of how the industry works, and how artists should conduct their careers.

So given our mission on this podcast, the man is an ideal guest and you are going to get a lot out of this conversation. We cover a range of topics including the cancellation of shows, transparency and the idea of making your income public, as well as getting into the history of the grime scene too.

An awesome episode which I think was worth the wait.

You can check his 'Close The App, Make The Thing' lecture here.

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