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Dealing with Anxiety and Stress with Darryll Stinson, Ep #5
Episode 520th May 2023 • Dads On Tap • Scott Mawdesley
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Darryll Stinson is not only my good friend but he’s a husband, dad, entrepreneur, pastor, speaker, and suicide survivor. Darryll has been married for eight years and has three girls and one son. When Darryll was in his 20s, after multiple suicide attempts, he learned how to cope with his anxiety and depression. In this episode of Dads on Tap, he shares how he learned to deal with anxiety and depression, and what you can do to recognize and combat it in your children.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Darryll’s TEDx venture [1:56]
  • You’re either a thermometer or a thermostat [3:43]
  • Darryll’s relationship with his dad [5:52] 
  • Everything is figureoutable [9:45]
  • Learn about Darryll and his family’s values [11:58]
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression [16:30] 
  • What are your children reflecting back to you? [21:02] 
  • How to combat anxiety and depression in your children [26:11] 
  • What could happen if you embraced full commitment in your life? [33:36] 

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