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Women and Girls on the Climate Change Frontline: Women as Environmental Leaders
Episode 4 β€’ 1st November 2023 β€’ Capital Musings β€’ UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
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Women and Girls on the Climate Change Frontline: Navigating Climate Change in the LDCs, a podcast series that shines a light on the women and girls leading the fight against climate change in the least developed countries.

This episode explores the role of women in environmental leadership. It showcases the work of women who have made a significant impact on the environment and discuss the challenges they face as women in the field.

Our Guests in this episode:

Patu Ndango Fen. She is a dedicated environmental entrepreneur from Cameroon, leading significant initiatives focused on transforming bio-waste into fertilizers. She founded Closed Loop System Ventures, an enterprise specializing in manufacturing organic fertilizers from bio-waste, and co-founded the Youth Environmental Alliance for Sustainable Development.

Verania Chao. Programme Specialist - Climate, Gender and Inclusion at UNDP. An expert in gender, climate, and environment issues at UNDP, focusing on the integration of gender equality and women's empowerment into national planning and capacity-building processes, she is currently spearheading the work on gender-responsive NDC revision and implementation as part of the Climate Strategies and Policy team at UNDP.

A show of this quality would not be possible without the incredible talent of Sarah Harris-Simpson, as well as the extraordinary and persistent support of Sorina Crisan and Eda Isik.

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Capital Musings is a production of the Partnerships, Policy and Communications unit of the United Nations Capital Development Fund.