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Safeguarding Assets From an Ex-Spouse
Episode 1629th November 2022 • Path to Abundant Living • Scott Morrison and Matt Nordmann
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While divorce rates in the U.S. have generally been falling for some time, the sad fact is that many marriages don’t work out.

On this episode of Path to Abundant Living, we’re examining ideas and options for protecting financial assets in the event that a marriage, yours or that of a loved one, ends in divorce.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:50 - Divorce is an outcome that should be factored into wealth planning efforts

3:17 - Misconceptions around prenups and planning ahead for them

5:36 - How asset protection strategies vary from state to state

6:48 - Transmutation risk

8:50 - The prenuptial agreement

11:25 - What the typical prenup offers

13:03 - Less complex strategies that you can implement

15:50 - How you can get in touch with Matt and Scott

17:10 - Closing remarks

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