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The Kundalini Chronicles - Scott Bryant-Comstock EPISODE 7, 4th December 2020
Kundalini Chronicles – It’s Not That Good
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Kundalini Chronicles – It’s Not That Good

In this episode, Scott talks about how his Kundalini Awakening helped him deal with a lifelong challenge of saying, "It’s not that good" when referring to himself. Where did that tendency come from, and when the idea that starts as “Good” or “Great” suddenly becomes “Not that good.” He shares some strategies that you can apply in case you are dealing with the same challenge.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify situations in your life where you think you let other people decide if you're good enough. 
  • Determine the factors that can affect the idea of how you think of yourself. .
  • Practical tips to help you manage situations that put you at risk of thinking you're not good enough.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

I think what's more important is that the actions I'm taking are consistent with who I want to be rather than leaving that decision about how I live my life up to other people.” - Scott Bryant-Comstock

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