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The Best CPA Exam Study Strategy You're Not Doing
Episode 13218th January 2024 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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In this episode of the CPA Exam Experience podcast from SuperfastCPA, Nate delves into one of the most underutilized yet impactful study strategies for CPA exam preparation: making & reviewing your own flashcards. Discover how this simple tool can dramatically increase your chances of passing the CPA exam, save you time, and enhance your understanding of complex topics.

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00:00:00 - Introduction to the Strategy

00:00:21 - Introduction to the Episode

00:00:30 - The Importance of Flashcards in CPA Exam Preparation

00:01:17 - Understanding the Two Buckets Theory

00:04:14 - The Benefits of Flashcards

00:04:27 - Efficiency of Flashcards

00:04:46 - The Pitfalls of Not Using Flashcards

00:06:47 - The Power of Reviewing Flashcards

00:09:27 - The Advantages of Digital Flashcards

00:11:18 - Flashcards vs Handwritten Notes

00:13:55 - How to Effectively Use Flashcards

00:17:54 - Conclusion and Call to Action

Nate emphasizes the importance of self-made flashcards throughout the study process, explains the 'Two Buckets Theory', and discusses the efficiency and benefits of flashcards. He also contrasts flashcards with traditional handwritten notes and provides tips on how to use flashcards effectively.

Whether you're a week away from your exam or just starting your CPA journey, this episode is a must-watch to elevate your study strategy.

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