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Make Your First $1000 on Amazon Live with Scott Ayres
Episode 19218th August 2021 • How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners • Luis Diaz
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It’s payback time for me as we welcome my good friend, Scott Ayres. I’ve been in his show, TWICE, and I feel that you and I will be rearing to make a thousand bucks right after this episode. Hear how he’s making a fair amount of revenue from going live in his spare time! Explore the world of Amazon live and find out why this beast is the new rave in the live streaming world. And, if you’re thinking “oh, I’m not really good at selling and I don’t even have a product to sell!” Well, that’s not a problem! He’ll teach you different ways you can monetize Amazon lives even when you’re not selling any product, or even if you are an entirely unknown entity in the social networking world with not a single following. Yep, all that and more! So, let’s roll!

In this episode: 

[5:12] Here are the BIGGEST niches in the Amazon live that sell like crazy and learn how you, too, can monetize your niche!

[9:37] Got no product to sell but wants to earn an average of $50-60/day? Amazon’s got your ass covered! Stay at home, sit on your couch, and burn the hours, not the money! 

[11:56] Find out how you can turn your hobby into a money-making machine and earn $1,000 just by going live on Amazon.

[23:20] Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Amazon live streaming, how to generate both organic and non-organic following, and how your podcast and Amazon live can work hand in hand in making you incredibly richer!

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