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Buying Software Is Broken (and What You Can Do To Fix It)
Episode 466th December 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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Buying B2B software can be such a pain. Many companies require you to book a demo and speak to multiple people, only to be asked the same questions you’ve already answered!

To put it simply, buying B2B software is broken.

In this episode of Demand Gen U, Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, is joined by special guest Sam Senior, co-founder and CEO of TestBox, to discuss how to fix buying B2B software.

Sam explains why he started TestBox, how and why B2B companies should ungate their products and which software categories are ripe for TestBox’s processes.

Find out:

  • How TestBox are flying the flag for customer-led buying experiences
  • How sellers can adapt to the new buyer
  • What the modern buyer really wants

00:34 Introducing Sam and TestBox

05:06 Gated versus Ungated Content

09:34 How product knowledge and reviews have changed the sales process

10:51 Adapting to educated buyers

13:15 How to start ungating your content

15:20 Making the case for ungating your product internally

18:40 Showing off value to your buyers

21:25 Companies that really know their activation metrics

23:36 Buying fatigue for RevOps and MarTech products

26:04 Consumer expectations when buying software have changed

30:09 Why you should get your product team involved

31:10 Outro