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Vote For Your Ballot, Not Your Life Savings
Episode 326th March 2024 • Modern Wealth Management • Darrick Hutchens and Ray Kramer
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As we draw closer and closer to another Presidential election in 2024, many investors are wondering how their portfolio will perform based on who is ultimately elected President of the United States. And throughout history, investors often make investment mistakes because of their perception of the election results.

On the latest episode of Modern Wealth Management, Darrick analyzes the market's patterns during election years, as well as whether a Republican or Democrat are in office.

This episode is packed with helpful takeaways for your own financial world. Enjoy!


0:00 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:03 - Elections cause stress and anxiety among many investors

4:03 - The three key conversation points of today's episode

5:44 - Looking back at the market's performance throughout the many election years

8:02 - How the market responds based on which President was in the office

13:40 - George W. Bush's presidency and why returns were down during his time in office

16:04 - Stock pricing is made up of a multitude of factors

20:04 - Two different client stories that arrived at the same result

24:22 - "This is the most important election"

26:42 - How to get in touch with Darrick and his team

27:53 - Closing remarks

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