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Part 1 Prude to Nude
Episode 227th December 2022 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode22: Part 1 Prude to Nude


"Nice girls don't!"

Oh this is a good one! Today I talk with my dear friend Tracy Violet about her amazing journey from being a complete guilt ridden prude to a confident nudist. It's the story of so many that are struggling with the shameful programming and ready to make shifts in their lives.

The transition from Stay-at-Home devoted mom and wife to living free and authentically is not an easy transition but Tracy did it. She was able to let go of the prgramming and change the script. She says that realizing that it was going to take a lot of "unraveling the knots in my head" helped her work through the inevitable cognitive dissonance that comes with exploring things that you were taught were shameful.

Today we begin the story that led her to meet me and eventually transform her life to be able to become Ethically Non-Monogamous in a beautiful, authentic way. She is full of grace and love and I'm so thankful to have her in my life.

Next week we will talk more about her journey after nudism and the gradual acceptance of her body also being sexy and stepping away from the guilt cycle we have been programmed into around sexuality and desire.

Enjoy this 2 part interview with this spunky, unashamed, gorgeous woman full of authenticity.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks podcast!

Love, Karine

If you would like to follow this lovely, sexy, "land locked mermaid" and have a peek at Boney Brad the Single Dad and his enormous skelly family, follow her on

Instagram: @land_locked_mermaid (Boney Brad the Single Dad)

@violet73_of (Tracy's more racy IG account )

TikTok: @violet_dream73

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