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Dial M for Magic - Jordan Fugitt & Henry Rogland EPISODE 1, 10th June 2021
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Does this episode have any protein?

Welcome to the city of New Bastilon, where magic is outlawed and no one is happy about it. Come join us as we introduce our characters, meet NPCs, and make far more Letterkenny references than a D&D podcast probably should.

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Herman Cranberry-Nathan Pearce @Rez_Dev_Nate

Red-Dan Rogland @DanRogland

Katrina "Kitty" Bradley-Bobbi Kupfner @moontsunami

Treble-Jordan Fugitt @fugitt_jordan

Dungeon Master-Henry Rogland @HenryRogland


Done by: Ashley Meissner-Teran @Ashanimus


Done by: Alex Hills https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwcA1NqWjVPrquUxJQxAXjw/featured

Special Thanks to Eric and Debbie Fugitt