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Changing The Way We Do Business with Cathy Thorpe
Episode 56610th July 2024 • Scaling Up Business with Bill Gallagher • Bill Gallagher
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What are some practical ways we can elevate and support vulnerability, human connection, and bold kindness in our workplaces? 

In this episode, Bill Gallagher and his guest explore the need for leaders to be authentic, trustworthy, and empathetic towards their team members. 

Cathy Thorpe is today’s guest. As the CEO of a home care services company with 400+ franchise locations, Cathy aims to transform the global aging experience. An advocate for senior autonomy and dignified living, she is also the author of the bestselling, Bold Kindness: A Caring, More Compassionate Way to Lead.

Key topics that Bill and Cathy explore in this episode: 

- Cathy’s personal experience with a bad boss, leading to disengagement and a new leadership journey.

- Cathy’s story of scaling Nurse Next Door to over 400 franchise locations worldwide. 

- Bringing joy back into someone's life through personalized care.

- The importance of connecting with the person receiving care, beyond just the physical aspects.

- Taking bold actions to close a deal and trusting in a colleague's abilities.

- Fostering a culture at Nurse Next Door that emphasizes self-led people, bold conversations, and kindness in relationships.

- How a mentor saw more in Cathy than she saw in herself. 

- The contrast between different work cultures that emphasize different values. 

- The loss of Cathy’s husband to cancer. 

- Bringing your full self to work and leading by example. 

- Connecting with employees on a personal level to create a supportive work environment.

- Hiring people who fit your company culture.

- Inspiring others to take chances and be better humans.

- The importance of honesty and vulnerability in meetings.

- Cathy’s book Bold Kindness explores the concept of kindness in the workplace, including how it can be practiced and the benefits it can bring to CEOs and their teams.

- The impact physical positioning has on conversations, and how sitting on a couch (instead of at desks) might lead to increased vulnerability and openness in conversations. 

Thanks to Cathy Thorpe for being on the show! 

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Chapters in this episode: 

(0:10) Leadership, culture, and growth with the CEO of Nurse Next Door. 

(6:46) Aging and caregiving. 

(14:28) Vulnerability in the workplace. 

(22:19) Building relationships with employees. 

(27:39) Remote work. 

(35:20) Leadership and mentorship. 

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