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119. How to teach beginners, with Natalie Wilson and Raphael Bender
Episode 1198th January 2023 • Pilates Elephants • Raphael Bender
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Our strategies to teach beginners effectively so they become regular clients and Pilates addicts.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Purchase my book: Strengthen The Person, Not Just the Body Part here
  • Connect with Natalie Wilson here
  • Bring your muscles to near fatigue 2x/week and reduce your chance of dying in the next 10 years by 46% here
  • It’s ok to load people without training “stability” first: For people with back pain, heavy deadlifting, and a generic exercise program are just as effective as retraining core muscles and correcting imbalances
  • Why external cues work and OPTIMAL theory here
  • Multitasking is not possible here
  • How to layer exercises for clients with different levels of ability here

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