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Episode 1: Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness in Tough Times
Episode 118th July 2021 • The Art & Science of Success • Jonathan Brown
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Welcome to the first episode of “The Art and Science of Success”

Today we're speaking with Fred Luskin. Fred has been a lecturer at

Stanford University for over two decades, where he specialized in the research

and practice of happiness. And most recently, and famously, forgiveness. Most

particularly reassuring about Fred's work is his relationship with the Medical

School of Stanford because there they apply his ideas and insights to

accelerate recovery in patients.

Fred Luskin talks about psychology and shares with us his research

about the value of forgiveness. He explains how forgiveness can impact our

happiness and how the simple things in life bring as fulfillment and

gratefulness. He’s been teaching and researching the

value of forgiveness now since the mid ‘90s. Fred has some excellent videos

which, whilst nearly 10 years old, still offer some great tips for applying the

science of happiness

Listen to the entire episode to learn about Fred Luskin and the value of forgiveness

towards our happiness. Let us know how much you are enjoying the show. Rate and review before the next episode!


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