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Compassion fatigue and burnout: What therapists need to know, with Howard Baumgarten
Episode 5828th July 2021 • The Grow Your Private Practice Show • Jane Travis
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How are you? I hope you are doing well and looking after yourself, because looking after yourself is often something that we talk about and encourage clients to do - but we’re not so good at doing it ourselves. 

If that sounds familiar, then you’re going to love this episode as I have a very special guest with me.  

Howard Baumgarten is a Counselor with his own practice in Lakewood, Colorado who has vast experience of helping counsellors both grow their practice and take better care of themselves. 

He’s an author - he wrote Private Practice Essentials 

A podcaster - check out Psych Biz where he produces shows with friend of the show Sarah Gershone who makes websites for therapists. 

And he’s a public speaker and wellness trainer too, Covering topics such as Compassion Fatigue, Burnout Prevention, Resilience, Stress Management, and Conflict Resolution.

So he wears a lot of different hats. 

And today we look at stress, compassion fatigue and burnout - what they are, what’s the difference, how to tell if you’re suffering and what you can do to help yourself. 

And this is such an important topic for everyone, but especially those in the helping professions. 

I think you’re going to like this

In this episode we explore:

  • What is the difference between compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Your relationship with stress
  • What are the signs to watch out for
  • What you can do to protect yourself

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About Howard Baumgarten 

Howard Baumgarten is a Licensed Professional Counsellor, author, consultant, speaker, wellness and small business-training expert, and owner of a mental health private practice in Lakewood, Colorado.

He is the founder of Smart Practice Central, a healthcare business-building platform that values intelligent, ethical, and clinically minded practice development, and provides clinical practice business consultation and training to private practices and healthcare agencies. 

Howard has lectured throughout the US on the integration of mental health, wellness and business, focusing on practice development, working within managed care systems, the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on mental health care, and work/life balance. 

He is the author of Private Practice Essentials published in 2017. 

In 2003, he developed and implemented the first practice building business curriculum in a graduate level-counseling program in the country at the University of Colorado, where he taught this curriculum for twelve years.  

Howard routinely consults and trains businesses and organizations across a variety of industries in work/life wellness, including managing stress, building resilience, creating balance, burnout prevention, teamwork, conflict resolution and other topics. 

He has been quoted for his work with physicians and healthcare professionals around burnout prevention in Medical Economics Journal.  

He is the former Director of Network Relations for Westside Behavioral Care, Inc., a clinical group practice he helped build into one of Colorado’s largest outpatient behavioural health practices.  

Howard’s work has led him toward a passion for researching and understanding compassion and human resilience, thus creating his practice model of “Integrative Resilience Theory,” an approach to change and growth in which cultivating compassion is a key component. 

When not counselling, lecturing, teaching, researching, writing, presenting or consulting, you can find Howard hiking on a mountain top, skiing downhill, running on a trail, travelling, and spending time with his friends and family! 

Listen to his podcast Psych Biz where he produces shows with friend of the show Sarah Gershone who makes websites for therapists. 

Connect with Howard on LinkedIn HERE