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Tapping Into Your Mindseye with JP Benelo | Follow The Wolf Podcast Episode #20
Episode 2020th October 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Jean Paul is the Creator and Co-Founder of The Mind’s Eye Community and Kids aid Worldwide. He is a World Traveler, Reiki Healer, Conscious Creator, and Transformational Speaker. He’s passionate about holistic living, and discovering new ways to make an impact on his ecological footprint in support of the planet. JP aims to guide others to better understand themselves and our oneness by dismantling self-made programs, belief systems, and illusions of separateness. He believes that through conscious practices, meditation, shadow work, and self-mastery; we can heal ourselves, heal the planet, and create a New World.

A friend, a leader, and inspiration in my life, JP Benelo is one of those people I know is a soul brother and here for the long game in this life. I am deeply inspired by his commitment to helping people realize that what they have been through does not define who they are and that they can change. In this conversation, JP and I discuss what he has learned from overcoming hardships in his life & traveling around the world on how to connect more deeply with our inner guide.


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