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89 | How To Create Wealth On Any Income with Rennie Gabriel
Episode 8915th August 2022 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast today is Rennie Gabriel, who after two divorces and a business failure Rennie went from broke at age 50 to multi-millionaire after learning the three secrets of the wealthy (despite failing high school math). He now donates 100% of the profits from his online programs to rescue dogs and veteran soldiers. His award-winning, best-selling book, Wealth On Any Income has been translated into eight languages around the world.

Today Rennie speaks with ease about his own experiences around money, how he didn’t truly understand how money works until he was in his 50s and how everything changed when he began to do things differently. We discuss the challenges many of us face, the subconscious biases, and pervasive beliefs that emerge as a consequence of us never being taught how to handle money in any practical or powerful way. And how it’s never too late to begin to build the foundations of your wealth.

Listen in as Renee shares how we are programmed to believe it’s better to be poor than to be wealthy, and how the subtle messages that emerge from our societal structures keep us stuck in an employee mindset, limiting our money flow and the choices we have access to. Until we’re awake to those messages we continue to struggle and can’t make decisions for ourselves. We discussed how money is intrinsically linked to our identity, our sense of self-worth, and power making it a challenging topic for us to be in relationship with. So incredibly inspiring!

If you get the sense that you want to create a better relationship with money, create a powerful foundation for wealth, and just feel better around the money conversation then I encourage you to listen to this informative dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy Renee's perspective on what we can do to create wealth on any income. I know you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Renee’s unique life journey that helped him to wake up to the power of money
  • How none of us are taught how to handle money in any practical or powerful way.
  • What to do when you realize you are barely surviving, what needs to change
  • A new perspective on the fairytale ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’
  • How to model the wealthy

Memorable Quote

“Wealth creation is a team sport, not a solo sport. I did not create this wealth by myself.”—Rennie Gabriel

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