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Episode 57th December 2021 • TCU does CFG • Terry Cook
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When I was asked to be the CFG podcast guy, my first post

was asking what you folks would like me to cover. From that initial post I got

4 suggestions, 2 of which I’ve covered was then able to break off additional ideas

from these suggestions and now how 17 potential topics. All from one post.

Asking your audience is a great place to get topic ideas.

If you already have a podcast, then ask your current audience.

You could ask them via an episode, asking them to email in. Ask on your

socials, polls are always fun. You could even contact some listeners directly,

ask for a chat and ask what they’d like on the show.

Perhaps you don’t have an audience yet or haven’t released an

episode yet.

Ask elsewhere.

Find a relevant Facebook group and ask the question “If I was

to create a podcast about the world’s greatest doorstops, what would you like

me to talk about? What guests would you like on?”

If no one answers, ask in another group or different social


You don’t have to cover every suggestion thrown your way,

but you may get some ideas that you’d never have thought of. You may also get

some reassurance around an idea that you are mulling over.

Also, keep in mind that you’re likely to be a fan of the

thing your podcasting about. If you’re not a fan of doorstops, don’t do a

podcast on the world’s greatest doorstops! But because you’re a fan, you’ll

have ideas about what you would like to hear.

Use those ideas.

Never ignore yourself.

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