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I Got Hired as the Direct of Podcasting
Episode 125th May 2016 • Because of My Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Click to Download Welcome the the first episode of Because of My Podcast. Its a podcast where people finish the sentence, because of my podcast_____. Today you're going to hear my story. I had been podcasting for 10 years. My background is in training, and I've been helping people understand technology and software for over 20 years. The current director of podcasting for the New Media Expo had stepped down and they needed a new one.  Behind the scenes, the man (Rick Calvert) that ran the New Media Expo approached Libsyn. Libsyn is a podcast media hosting and their VP of Podcast Relations knows everybody in the space. So when Rick asked Rob who he thought might be a good fit, Rob answered, "What do you think about Dave Jackson." Rick then went to Blubrry and spoke to their CEO and asked him for some names. Todd answered, "What do you think about Dave Jackson?". Rick then went to Spreaker and spoke with Rob Greenlee. What did Rob say? You guessed it, "What do you think about Dave Jackson?' How did these podcasting companies know me? Because they all listened to my podcast. The podcast positioned me as an expert. It allowed me to show I was competent, and it also allowed me to interview all of them in the past and start building a relationship. So why start a podcast? Be seen as an expert Establish relationships

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