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How Movement Helps Learning
Episode 307th November 2020 • The Sound Foundations for Parenting Podcast • Darren McCarthy and Brian Powers
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Diane Malik, M.A. has been a licensed Brain Gym teacher and consultant in the U.S. and Canada for the last 18 years. She has extensive experience using Brain Gym with children of all ages, teenagers, adults, couples, parents, families and seniors. Brain Gym works best with school age children, teenagers and adults. The movements are designed to help people with learning challenges, ADD, ADHD, focus, organization and behavioral issues. Diane developed BrainMoves to help people of all ages (including babies) with delayed development, balance, coordination, learning disabilities, chemical imbalances, addictions, PTSD and other mental health diagnoses, behavioral, psychological, emotional and physical problems. Diane has a masters degree in counseling psychology since 2002 with many certifications to do therapy in the creative arts, with children, families and couples. She is certified as a professional nanny, with extensive training in baby and child development, correcting behavior problems and working with children with special needs.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Movement has a tremendous impact on learning.
  •  Schools don’t typically have access to movement-based integration therapies.
  • Movement through brain gym and brain moves specific exercise helps people get out of the limbic system, primitive part of the brain.
  • You can use movement to destress
  • Movement helps with bilateral integration
  • Brain Gym and Brain Moves movements follow child development.
  • The effectiveness of cross crawls for overcoming learning challenges
  • The right movements at the right time can create cross lateral neural pathways.
  • Brain Gym imitates developmental reflexes.
  • These programs are accessible for parents and professionals.
  • Brain buttons exercises help get oxygen to the brain.
  • The exercises in Brain Moves and Brain Gym are easy and fun to do and make a big difference if implemented consistently.

Find out more about Diane and BrainMoves