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Founder Thesis - ThePodium.in EPISODE 25, 30th October 2020
The Phoenix of Digital Content | Vinay Singhal @ WittyFeed
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The Phoenix of Digital Content | Vinay Singhal @ WittyFeed

Coming from a small village to building one of the fastest-growing viral content websites, WittyFeed, Vinay Singhal has had an intriguing journey. He was the first person in his family to get educated, and hence he was completely clueless about the outside world. This did not dent his determination to arrive at the grand goal that he had set for himself. 


What goal?

To become the richest person in the world! 


Vinay saw someone use a computer once and to him, it was like magic. He says it was love at first sight! He decided that he wanted to be an engineer. 


Oh, by the way, when he discovered the world of the Internet, guess what was the first thing he searched on Google? 

Name of the richest person in the world! 


This led him to start keeping a notepad where he would jot down ideas about how to make a better operating system than what Bill Gates’ company had made!


He started his entrepreneurial journey with Badlega Bharat. In April 2012 he started a FB page that reached a 1 million follower mark in 6 months. He moved onto stupidstation.com and started raking in a fortune via Google Adsense. Till one day the business was taken down in a moment! 


What followed next? Well, tune in to discover how he restarted his journey and eventually created WittyFeed! 


Key takeaways from the show: 

•How to formulate business strategies 

•Mistakes to avoid 

•Insights into starting up a business