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164: Bringing Caring Curiosity to the Unfolding Nature of What’s Happening Today with Sean Fargo
1st June 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Holly interviews Sean Fargo – the hardest working man in the mindfulness field. With over 12,000 hours on the meditation pillow and an incredible journey from there to being a leading entrepreneur, Sean’s background includes: ·     Certified Instructor, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (the mindfulness program born at Google) ·     Chief Zen Officer & Director of Mindfulness Program Development, WellBrain ·     Certified Integral Coach, New Ventures West ·     Buddhist Monk For 2 Years (2008-2010), Thai Theravada Tradition ·     Founder & Teacher, Mindfulness Exercises ·     Mindfulness Teacher for San Francisco & Silicon Valley, Refresh Body ·     Advisory Board Member, ID8TE ·     Mindfulness Teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center Questions Holly and Sean cover: ·     How are you merging the religious background into the secular world? ·     What is one of the exercises you’re most passionate about? ·     How do you distinguish mindfulness from meditation? ·     What do you tell someone who claims “I just can’t meditate.”? ·     What do you think the future of mindfulness in a business context? With over 2000 mindfulness exercises and courses on, Sean says that one of his most favorite is “Just Like Me” which brings awareness to a particular person and the guided meditation to reflect on how the person is a human being just like me. This exercise fosters compassion and empathy, tapping into that person’s experience. He does admit that many people may not have the courage to step into this exercise because it can create discomfort. Mindfulness in business creates an advantage for morale, the bottom line, mental health, comradery and communication practices. Join Sean in his teachings at, and Remember – Mindful Matters and So Do YOU! Find more resources at