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007: Meet Shannon Perez-Darby
Episode 717th January 2020 • By the Sound • Ahoy Hoy! Media
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Activist and author Shannon Perez-Darby speaks on discord in activist communities, patterns of domestic violence, creating accountability, the role of government & law, and developing transformative justice. Then Sarah and Aisha discuss how Star Wars has framed their lives, before reviewing episode IX of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Episode 007 is hosted by Aisha Hauser and Sarah Mayes. You can support the show and learn how to join our community at:

“’I Get by With a Little Help from My Friends’: Ending Domestic Violence One Friendship at a Time” by Shannon Perez-Darby, in Friendship as Social Justice Activism: Critical Solidarities in a Global Perspective 

“The Secret Joy of Accountability: Self-Accountability as a Building Block for Change” by Shannon Perez-Darby, in The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Partner Violence in Activist Communities

“Queers Kissing and Accountability” by Shannon Perez-Darby, in Learning Good Consent: On Healthy Relationships and Survivor Support

“‘Hey, I Thought You Were Gay:’ On Supporting Our Loved Ones Without Giving Up Ourselves” by Shannon Perez-Darby in Trans-Kin: A Guide for Family and Friends of Transgender People

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

“In The Heat Of The Moment: How Intense Emotions Transform Us” on Hidden Brain

Building Accountable Communities Video Series (via Barnard College)

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Mandalorian