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Coaching the Mental Game of Softball - Mental Sweet Spot 9th March 2020
Winning Is Fun - Nikki Miller
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Winning Is Fun - Nikki Miller

This game should be fun, right?

And what's more fun than performing our best and winning!


Many coaches, players and teams struggle to balance having fun and being competitive. It sometimes seems like you can't have both, but today's episode shows that's not the case.

» You can have fun competing

» You can have fun stretching past your comfort zone

» You can have fun because you've put in the work it takes to succeed.


 All you have to do is teach your girls the mental skills it takes to keep the game fun! Despite pressure, mistakes, and even losing.


Wish you had some resources for helping your girls keep the game fun?

 With actionable courses rooted in the science of Sport Psychology, you'll be able to teach your girls the mental skills they need to succeed! Get started today with our Quick Wins, or go all-in with the Mental Training Toolkit!

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That's all for this today! Hope so see you back here next week!


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