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The mindset shifts that will stop you from starting and growing your email list
Episode 23925th April 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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In today’s episode of the podcast I talk about mindset when it comes to email list building and how you can overcome some of those blocks you may have and start growing your email list.  


  • Building your email list does come with some financial and time investment – it is not a 5 minute task and does require a bit of effort and money.
  • Once you know the process and have set it all up – it is done!
  • If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you won’t!
  • If you don’t know how to do something right now, you can learn to with step-by-step steps.
  • When it comes to promoting your lead magnet, you have to keep on promoting it! You can’t just put it out once and expect people to keep signing up.
  • Don’t be scared to post your lead magnet multiple times - You have something that is going to help them. You are adding value to them for FREE!
  • If you’re not talking about your lead magnet – no one is going to join your list!
  • If you don’t help them – someone else will.
  • It is not about the size of your email list! Think about them as real people – imagine what 100 people in your house would look like!
  • Your numbers are not a reflection of the effort you put in.
  • If you only email out once a month – that’s only 12 a year!!
  • As your list grows you can increase the frequency – make sure to communicate this with your list and give them a chance to opt out if they want to.
  • You are not bothering people by emailing your list – they have signed up and can unsubscribe any time.
  • Don’t worry about unsubscribes – you don’t know why they have unsubscribed and it is not a reflection of you or your content.


No matter how big your list is – start emailing them from the very start!


  • The mindset shifts that will stop you from starting and growing your email list


  Build My List Course  


  Hello and welcome back to the podcast. How are you doing this week? I hope you're good. So we've been having a bit of a, if you're following me on social and on emails, we're having a bit of a discussion about emails because it's so very important. It's the best thing for your business. Seriously, the best thing. And because I teach this a lot, I can really be practical about how to build an email list, what you do with it, how you get people on your list, how you attract the right people, how you then email them, what you send them, how often. And we have all these kinds of really practical conversations, but having taught this for a long time and having had lots of students go through build my list, which is my course that teaches you how to start your email list, including all the tech. If you wants to check that out go to I have come to learn and know that this whole process is not just about you doing the practical sides. I know that this is a lot of mindset stuff as well. And it comes up in varying different places. So I'm going to like, just talk through some of those places where I see it come up and just give you my thoughts on how you can manage that mindset. So I think the first thing I see when I talk about list building is the investment in it. And I mean, both from a financial and a time point of view, I think there's a lot of people out there who talk about list building. Like it's super simple, it's really easy. And therefore that might in your head, make you think, well, I shouldn't have to pay to learn how to do it. And I shouldn't take much time because if I do, I'm doing it wrong. And I think that's true about so many things. I think there are way too many experts out there telling you something is very simple and easy to do. When yes it might be to them and to me, because we've done it so often. That does not mean the first time we did it it was that simple and easy. So there's the first thing that you need to get out of your head. It's not a five minute thing and it does require a bit of effort and it requires a bit of investment time or money or both. Now you might be really surprised to find this out but I obviously you know, having been in marketing for a while, when I started my business, I knew the importance of an email list and I knew roughly how to to get one set up. I'd used different systems in the past. However I spent $2,000 on a course, and that course was an in-person course in Minneapolis. So I flew to Minneapolis to attend a weekend all about lead magnets and list building and how to email people and what to email them and how to create landing pages and all this good stuff. Now, obviously I spent a huge amount of money on that, because it was very important to me because my job is to teach you how to do these things. And therefore, any course like that is an investment for me in terms of my knowledge and my learning. And it was excellent. It was really, really good. So I'm not saying, and build my list is not two grand FYI. It's $390. So I'm not saying that that's what you need to invest, but I'm just saying I did. And I knew what I was doing. So I do think that, that's the first mindset shift you have to make, you have to go, okay, I know this is going to be an investment in time or money, but this is going to pay off in dividends. Because the beauty about this sort of stuff, unless you change systems as in tech systems, but even if you do by this point, you'll have a good idea of what you need to be looking for. It's it's an investment in your skill. Once you've got it. Once, you know, this process you've got it. And you don't need to do it again. So it's not like, I dunno, what can I liken it to? Maybe something like, you know, Instagram and learning how to do guides and then guides not being such a big thing. You know, this is a kind of evergreen always going to be available for you. So that's the first thing. So it is going to take a bit of work. It is going to take a bit of time and potentially money, but it's worth every single penny. Okay. So the next thing I have in this whole process is, um, well, actually I didn't write this down but I am going to mention it is the tech, is that people go, I'm not tech savvy. I can't do tech. Tech doesn't like me. I don't like tech. Obviously, I don't want to go too woowoo with you, but there is this thing that if you tell yourself something, then it's going to be true. Isn't that amazing quote. I can't remember who it's by, but basically, you know, if you tell yourself, you can only tell yourself you can't you're right. So first off we need to like, just park that thought of I'm not techie. I don't have a tech mindset. So I want you to take that out of your head. And I want you to tell yourself I may not have been techie. But I can learn. I am smart. I am resourceful and I can follow what to do. I can learn this. So yeah, you might not know the tech at this point, but it doesn't mean you're never going to know it. And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it. So that's the other thing that the tech will put you off, but don't let it put you off. Now. The stuff I do my business today is so cool. And so complex it actually makes me excited. I genuinely get very excited about this stuff. Like some of the funnels we're setting up and some of these various things. Oh, it's so good. I can't even tell you, but it didn't start there. I started with a really simple landing page going to a very simple onboarding emails and it might seem like wizardry and it kind of is, I guess. Well, it definitely is because I've been around marketing in long time. Like if I told myself 15 years ago, this was going to be a case I'd been like, wow. I remember we used to do this like thing, you know, make sure you send it in that time zone and all this sort of thing. And now it's so complex. But like I said, it doesn't need to be that complex. So we're not going to tell ourselves we are not tech savvy. We can follow steps, we're resourceful, we're smart. Um, okay. The next one, not wanting to post about the lead magnet that comes up all the time. So what's really interesting with this is people go through the whole course. They do every single step, including the tech and they follow me along. So the one thing that they think I'm not going to be able to do, they follow the steps in my videos and they do it and they are like, Unbelievable. I could not be proud of myself, which is brilliant. And then they create this lead magnet and they're so proud and they put it out there and then nothing. Okay. So they put it out there the first few times and people sign up and they're like Wooo I got X amount of people on my email list. And then, and the reason I know this is because I've got people in the Club who have done build my list. And then I speak to them. I don't know, month, month or two later and go, 'How are you getting on with your list building now?' 'Oh yeah, no, no. It's not working. I think my lead magnet is wrong.' 'How many times have you posted that lead magnet?' 'Well I did that one on a, on Instagram and then I did some on my stories and I put a post on Facebook.' So I'm like, 'So four times you posted it.' Yeah, no. Basically, that is not enough, but I know it's not just a case of getting organized to post-it. I know that in their head, they're like, I can't keep putting this post out there. Like people are gonna think I'm posting about the same thing all the time. People are gonna think of my comments, boring. People are gonna think I'm trying to run this down their throat. That's not the case. So with this mindset shift, I want you to think about the fact that you are helping people. You've created something that has taken time and your knowledge. You are an expert in the thing that you're helping them with. You've put together this check list or this download or this, whatever it might be, you're the expert. You're helping them. And all you're doing is going, if you've got this problem, I've got this thing that can help and it's free. You're not selling to them. So I don't want you to be scared about posting it over and over and over again. The one thing I want you to think about, and one thing that I do in the course is I give you three different image templates, and I give you more than that. And I give you three different versions of kind of texts or talks about three different versions of texts because it's so important that we mix them up. Yeah. I don't want the same post going out on my social media. Like week in, week out. So therefore I mix up the images and I mix up the text but you must be posting it all the time. You must be sharing it in different places. You must be talking about it. Cause this is the reason people are going to join your list. And if you're not saying it, they're not going to join your list. So stop being scared that you're going to bother people. You're going to annoy people that people are going to go all right, already. I've seen it. That's not the case. Do not worry about that. What you need to concentrate on is you're helping people. And if you don't help them, someone else will. So that's the key bit. Okay. The next mindset thing I get all the time is my list is not big enough. It's not about size so. It's really hard not to turn my brain into some filthy new endo. Uh, but it really isn't about the size of your list. Okay. Now I always like to bring it back to what if they were real people in my house. So if I had like 10 people on my email list, well, heck that's like a little party. That's quite nice. If I had a hundred people, holy moly, man. Like where are they all going to go? If I have 500 people like that is an event. These people on your list, it doesn't matter how big your list is. What matters is, is that, they're engaged. Now the mindset where I want you to look at this is I want you to think about why are you bothered that your list isn't very big? And when I think about this, and so the implications of you not having a big list is that you won't email them. Because you'll think, well, what's the point. I've only got 20 people on my list. I'm not going to email them. So let's bring it back to, why are you emailing people in the first place? Forget how many gotten your list? Why are you emailing them? Are you emailing them just to sell to them and bother them? Hopefully no. Especially if you listened to my last episode about emails. You're emailing them to say. I can help you. Here's some added value. I can teach you something I can support you. I can motivate you. I can make you laugh on occasions. That's why you're emailing them. So are you telling me that 10 people is not enough to do that. Is not enough with that effort? Because that's not the case. The point is if you really want to help people, if we pick up our ego and put it to one side, if we really want to help people, we won't care whether that's 10 or 1,000. We will just care that we're helping people. I don't want you to think about the numbers as a reflection of the effort you put in. I want you to think about, 'Oh my goodness. There's someone who's signed up to my email because they want help and I can help them. I'm going to email them.' Even if it's just three people, even if it's your mum, your aunt and someone you don't know. I mean, honestly, I get so excited. I remember like in the early days and I still get excited when people join the membership and my team go, 'Oh, who's this?' And I'm like 'I have no idea.' I love that. It's so exciting. So straight away, straight off the bat, no matter how big your list is, you're adding value. And by not emailing them, you're not supporting them. You're not helping them in their stuff. And like I said, it's our ego that wants a massive list. So ego this like, 'Oh gosh, I've got to do all this effort for like 10 people.' Honestly email them. Totally, totally email them. At this stage, if you're thinking, well, I have only got 10 people. I don't email them every week or three times a week. Like you do Teresa, that's fine. You can start sort of pushing out a bit. You can start thinking 'Okay I'm gonna do this once a month.' And then as your list grows, you can increase the frequency. The key thing with this action. I wasn't going to go down this route, but it's important that I tell you. There's two things with this that I want to say. Firstly, when I say once a month, I want you to think about that only being 12 times a year. Okay. So what if you only posted on social media 12 times in one year, how successful do you think that social media would be? So when we often go 'Oh I only email them once a month, because I don't want to bother them.' which again is coming to my next one. Um, 12 times a year. It's just not enough. Like, okay. Now that was really, that was really, um, judgy of me. No, it's not that it's not enough, but I want you to understand 12 times a year is not a lot. Okay. So if you're concerned about emailing them too much and bothering them, I want you to think about that. So that's the first thing, but also the other thing I want to say is if you want to increase, so let's say you do want to start monthly because your list isn't huge and you find it a lot of work. Then as your list grows, you might want to increase your frequency. You need to do this with the conversation with your list. So you need to say to your, your lovely community that are getting your emails 'Up until now, I've been emailing you once a month. However, I find that I've got more to tell you and more exciting things to say and do, and dah dah dah dah dah and therefore I'm going to start increasing my emails. I'm going to email you every other week, or I'm going to email you once a week on a Thursday. If this is not okay, then you can unsubscribe at any point. Uh, hopefully you'll find my emails useful and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.' So make sure you tell them you're going to do it. Don't just suddenly up your emails. Cause then they'll be like, what, what on earth are you doing? So that's the next one I'm coming to then not wanting to email them cause you don't want to bother people. So the first thing is obviously they have signed up for your email list. It's their choice. You're not bothering them. You're not going on and knocking on their door and coming in and sitting on their sofa and helping yourself to a cup of tea. You are sending them an email that they have asked to be part of. If they don't want it, that's fine. They can delete it. They can not open it. They can unsubscribe from it. But not wanting to bother them is not a reason for not emailing them. So I want you to think about. How you're adding value to those people. And also there might be someone else who isn't as good as what you do, but they don't want to bother them. Sorry. They, they don't mind bothering them, they're emailing them. You're not emailing them so often. And then one of their emails comes in and they buy whatever it's from them and not you. So I just want you to think about that. I just want you to think about, it's not bothering them. You're helping them and supporting them. If they don't want it, they can unsubscribe. Which then comes to my last mindset thing that I find, you know, people struggle with with email lists is people unsubscribing. Don't worry about it. I used to, gosh, I remember early on, I used to like look at who they were and be really insulted and think 'What was wrong with that particular email that they unsubscribed?' You don't know why or how or anything to do with the reason people unsubscribe. It does not have a reflection on you or what you've written or what is in your emails or how good you are or your products or service, no reflection at all.   The same as if no one buys from you or someone doesn't buy from you not know on a, hopefully if someone doesn't buy from you, that's not a reflection on you either.   There could be many reasons why that's the case. The other thing I want you to remember, which is a bit more of a practical thing rather than a mindset thing is depending on what system you use, they're all pretty much the same, but the, the price and the variants differ slightly is the number of email addresses you are emailing equals what you're spending. So when I tip over a threshold from I don't know, two and a half thousand to 5,000 or whatever it is suddenly the cost of my email system increases. So I actually worked really hard. In fact, I've not long as recording this, moved things to active campaign from Kajabi. I might do an episode on that and why I've done that. But I've not long moved from that to the other. And I actually left. Well I didn't move everyone. And then I left a chunk of people in Kajabi and I emailed them going, unless you click this button, we're not moving you over. And they were my least engaged people. So I don't, I don't concern myself with people unsubscribing. If they've been unsubscribed for whatever reason, your emails or your offer is not matching them. And if it's not matching them, they're not going to be your customer. I know people who have got huge email lists who refused point blank to like filter out and clear out old emails. It's really important for again, I can get down to the techie route in terms of your open rates and things. And the system that you're using...




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