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#13 The gut and our hormones: A deeper look at bloating, cramps, periods and poos
Episode 139th September 2020 • Nourish Nurture Breathe • Nourish Nurture Breathe with Kami and Christie
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This podcast episode is the second in our new format solo episodes which we’ve introduced into the line-up this Season. In Episode 13, Christie will be looking into the relationship between our gut and our hormones and how interlinked the two really are.

You’ll learn:

  • The relationship between our gut and our hormones
  • The interplay between stress, hormones and the brain
  • A look into the gut microbiome and excess estrogen levels
  • Tips to improve bloating, cramps and bowel movements around that time of the month.

PLUS, a brief look into endometriosis and the red flags to look our for.

Links and resources:

Download Christie’s Beat the Endo Belly Bloat 5 Day Challenge to get started with diet and lifestyle strategies to reduce your boating. This challenge is appropriate for anyone with tummy bloating and pain, even if you don’t have Endometriosis.

Read Christie’s blog “Is your Cycle Normal?” to learn more about hormone imbalances and the female menstrual cycle.

Read Christie’s blog “Wondering if you or someone you love has Endometriosis?” to learn more about this condition and what to look out for.

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