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The Restaurant Prosperity Formula - David Scott Peters EPISODE 19, 5th May 2021
A Restaurant Owner Intervention
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A Restaurant Owner Intervention

In this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula podcast, host David Scott Peters talks about the dangers of being a business owner who enables a work environment where no one is accountable, and the restaurant owner thinks they must be the best at everything. The problem with this is if you’re so good at doing everyone’s job and taking it over, your team learns they don’t have to be good or do the work. When you take over everything and don’t give your employees and managers room to do their jobs, they start to resent you and let you do all the work. If this sounds familiar, or if you’ve worked with this person, know this is a classic problem in the restaurant industry. In the case of restaurant owners, you start to resent that you’re doing all the work – even though you brought it on yourself. I call these restaurant owners enablers. This enabling behavior provides your employees with excuses for why they don’t have to do their jobs. They never get written up and suffer the consequences from not doing their jobs because you will just do it for them. Listen to this episode to find out if you are an enabler, or if you work with an enabler, and how to break the enabling cycle.

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