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Overcoming the Odds To a Hollywood Career
Episode 21st March 2022 • Our Fighting Spirit • Anthony Frank Gigante
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Today I'm joined by another fantastic guest, a true king of reinvention, Mario Bosco.

Mario is an Actor, Author, and Stand-up comedian, who performed in 13 movies, including Cugini, The Hard Way, and 54, to name some of them. Mario also participated in NYPD Blue as Lucky Luciano and was hosted live at Jimmy Kimmel's show. 

Several months after Mario was born, the doctors discovered his pituitary gland, responsible for producing the growth hormone, was damaged. This caused him to grow-up coming in and out of hospitals, being needled and poked throughout most of his childhood, and becoming an adult looking like a teenager. 

However, nothing of all this stopped Mario from living his dream. His charisma and likeability never stopped growing, and his confidence and perseverance helped him land multiple roles and create incredible career opportunities. 

Throughout this episode, we dive deep into Mario's career in the show biz, his relentless approach to celebrities and his positive attitude to live and enjoy life. We also talk about what led him to write his book, "From Hopeless to Hollywood," his experiences in NYPD Blue and how he landed that role, the time he met Bill Cosby, and the amazing story of how he ended up being at Jimmy Kimmel's show. 


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