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NLR Minute 10/29 -Canada Loves Oppression
Episode 4529th October 2021 • New Left Radio • New Left Media
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Whether it’s targeted at women in the workplace, Indigenous People’s, or working Canadians, Canada loves oppression.

On today’s drop we look at a bombshell lawsuit that has been filed against the Alberta Premier’s Office — but we shouldn’t be surprised by it. The Saskatchewan Throne Speech calls for ‘more policing’ in a policy move that’s tone deaf to the moment. Should we expect anything else from neoliberals?

Then, the Vatican announces a Papal visit to Canada after the outcry at the Catholic Church’s role in the genocide of Indigenous Peoples, will we get an apology or something more? We wrap it all up with analysis of the two big announcements from the Bank of Canada this week — an end to quantitative easing and a forecasted hike of the bank rate. What does it mean for working people?

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