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Tech Tips for Happy Hybrid Working with Dr Hussain Gandhi
Episode 7627th April 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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Dr. Hussain Gandhi, or Dr. Gandalf of eGPlearning, joins us in this episode. He is a GP, PCN director, and host of the eGP Learning Podblast that shares deep dives into health tech for primary care. He shares his tech and time hacks for hybrid working to survive and thrive in the new virtual environment.

If you want to find out how to improve your hybrid working experience, then tune in to this episode!

[07:40] Dr. Gandalf’s Top Three Hacks for Hybrid Working

  • Use a password locker to safe-keep all your different combinations 
  • Booking online meetings save time and effort. 
  • Be sure to move around when you have loads of meetings. Don’t sit all day long. 

[24:11] The Key to Good Lighting and Audio During Meetings

  • Good lighting makes you look engaged and keeps you awake. It’s best to use natural lighting. 
  • Use a headset or good audio so noises like high pitches or whines will not interrupt others. 
  • Use a post-it with a note ‘look here’ for your cameras.

[29:30] How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Meetings

  • Learn how to mute, unmute, raise your hand, on/off your camera during meetings.
  • If you’re the host, learn the keyboard shortcuts such as ‘mute all’. 

[31:45] What Are Hybrid Meetings?

  • Hybrid meetings combine online meetings and face-to-face meetings at the same time.

[42:25] The Ideal Number of People in Chat Rooms

  • The best number is six people, whether face-to-face or online. 

[46:11] On Breakout Rooms and Things He Would Change 

  • Establish ground rules from the start.
  • Breakout rooms are challenging for hybrid meetings.

[48:56] Last Bits of Advice on Hybrid Working

  • Have some time for yourself to refresh and rest 
  • Establish boundaries
  • Have space between your virtual self, work-self and home-self.


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