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EP 245 - Small Batch, Big Impact: Championing Artisanal Producers in the Regenerative Revolution with Noam Bar
Episode 2453rd October 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Noam is Chief Growth Officer of Wylde Market, an online platform enabling artisanal producers to sell directly to consumers. He also co-founded renowned artisan restaurant group Ottolenghi (you might have heard of it) where he currently is a Non Exec Director.

We speak about why Noam got involved with Wylde and its commitment to supporting regenerative food producers. Noam tell us about the reality of today's farming practices and why food and health is such a passion point for him. We discuss the ethics of the beef industry and why eating meat shouldn't be deemed as bad.

Noam also tells us why business marketing qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.

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00:26 Understanding the Concept of Wild Market

00:59 The Operational Process of Wild Market

03:32 The Unique Selling Proposition of Wild Market

07:31 The Challenges of Artisanal Business Growth

12:42 The Ethical Considerations of Meat Consumption

17:31 The Importance of Soil Health in Farming

20:20 The Impact of Food Choices on Health

21:38 The Business of Healthy Food

23:47 The Importance of Quality Suppliers

24:35 The Challenge of Packaging

25:23 The Struggle of Finding the Right People

26:55 Learning from Failures

30:51 The Problem with Marketing Bullshit

32:56 The Five Second Rule: Getting to Know Noam

36:28 Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

Noam's recommendation:

The Lincoln Highway - Amor Towles (book)

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