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David Mullings: The Entrepreneurial Investor
Episode 19th April 2021 • UpTick - Caribbean Innovators Live • Chike Farrell - Caribbean Ideas Synapse
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You know, some people look at the Caribbean and they see our vibe and our vibrancy, some look at the Caribbean and they see our inefficiency and the things we don’t do or the things we could be doing. And some people look at the Caribbean and they see more than just an opportunity for themselves. They see a path to connecting the best of the Caribbean to the world. That’s the type of higher order purpose that I really connect to personally, and today’s guest does so as well.

David Mullings of Blue Mahoe Capital is a Jamaican entrepreneur who is blazing a unique path by embracing being one of those people who can create a bridge between the Caribbean and the world.  

As a founder of Blue Mahoe Capital, he is taking a unique and aggressively audacious approach to connecting Caribbean businesses to the US and wider international capital markets. He is taking private equity where many have tried, but few have succeeded, but what’s really cool about that, is that he is doing it all while living in service of a wider purpose, to be a positive role model and representative of the Caribbean on a global level. And fundamentally telling stories like this one, is what the UpTick podcast is all about. That’s why I’m thrilled to kick off season 2 of the uptick podcast, where we feature Caribbean innovators and their stories, by introducing you to the story of David Mullings, a story that I believe will inspire and educate. 

But perhaps most exciting of all, like so many of the stories of the innovators and leaders that we feature on UpTick, his is a story that is very much being written as we speak. Let’s hear more from David…