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Episode 26: Barbara-Ann Boehler
2nd November 2022 • MentorCore • MentorCore
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Barbara Boehler is the Senior Director of the Ethics and Compliance program at Fordham Law and is our MentorCore guest this week.

In our chat, Barbara, Lisa Beth and Dan talk about:

  • The changes in compliance careers such that it is purposeful to enter the field
  • What has precipitated that change and why is compliance so exciting to students now?
  • What opportunities exist for people to transition from security or compliance roles to business-focused roles?
  • Is it ever too late to start down the road of getting an advanced compliance degree?
  • How does one find the first opportunity to go back and teach when interested? (Pro tip: contact Barbara if you want to teach compliance!)
  • How does someone decide that a return to the classroom to get an advanced degree whilst working is right for them, either from education, value, promotability, etc.?
  • What’s important for people to be thinking about regarding well-being in the compliance profession?

After you’ve heard the best advice Barbara has gotten from a mentor since she was last here, be sure to check out Barbara’s first appearance on MentorCore on our website to hear her answer back then, too!

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