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#17: Living the Distance: Lessons Learnt - with Arlette Chatlein
Episode 1711th January 2023 • Holding the Fort Abroad • Rhoda Bangerter
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Today my guest is Arlette Chatlein. She is no stranger to living far from her partner. Born in Curaçao, Arlette moved to The Netherlands when she was 19 years old to study Economics at the University of Rotterdam. Little did she know that it would only be her first move. Her and her husband have lived apart at three different times. Listen to her share what they have learned.

In This Episode:

  1. Her three different experiences
  2. What they have learned
  3. What have you put in place, maybe even subconsciously that makes it work? Do you think it's mindset?
  4. Do you think this life is for anyone or does it take a special kind of person?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Tips on reaching out to people in a new context (see Arlette’s website)

Contact Arlette: