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17: Efficiency and Revenue: Unlocking the Secrets of Successful B2B Content Production - with Camille Trent, Director of Content & Community at
Episode 177th June 2023 • Women in B2B Marketing • Podcast Host: Jane Serra, 15+ years in B2B marketing across all industries from SaaS to Marketing Agencies and International Outsourcing.
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In this episode of the Women in B2B Marketing podcast, host Jane Serra welcomes Camille Trent, Director of Content & Community at and host of the podcast Content Logistics.

Discover how Camille's journey led her from dreams of working in B2C advertising to a successful career in the tech startup world, and how she transitioned into B2B marketing. We also dive into the concept of content logistics and how this approach can help you create exceptional content marketing.

In this WIB2BM episode, Camille shares:

  • her expertise on efficient, scalable content production processes that drive revenue
  • the different stages from gathering raw materials to outlining and quality assurance
  • valuable tips for acing any interview situation
  • how to find the perfect representative for your company or brand in a podcast
  • the secrets to creating content that truly stands out in a competitive industry
  • tips on selecting the right content distribution channel(s)
  • PeerSignal's latest SaaS research findings - including which categories are growing right now

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