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2 ::: Conceive, Believe, Achieve: The Power of the Innovative Mindset
Episode 27th June 2023 • Innovation in Dentistry • Innovation in Dentistry
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In this podcast, the host Shawn Zajas discusses the importance of believing in oneself to innovate and lead in dentistry. He encourages his listeners to take off their clinical lenses and put on an innovator's cap to see where they can bring value to the marketplace. According to Shawn, everyone is unique and has the potential to be an innovator, but it requires believing in oneself and being willing to take action.

Throughout the episode, Shawn challenges his listeners to identify areas where they need to believe and take steps to expand their self-image. He believes that this is the first step towards innovation and leadership in dentistry. Shawn emphasizes the importance of confidence in stepping up, leading, and making a difference.

Shawn acknowledges that dentistry can be a challenging field, but he also recognizes that his listeners have survived the COVID-19 pandemic, which should give them confidence in their ability to persevere and overcome. He believes that this confidence is necessary for success in dentistry.

In conclusion, Shawn is here to support his listeners on their journey towards innovation and leadership in dentistry. He believes that everyone has the potential to be an innovator, and he encourages his listeners to believe in themselves and take action to make a difference.




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