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Interview With Vocal Coach, Judy Rodman – Part 1
Episode 3224th June 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Judy Rodman has spent over 50 years in the music industry. She’s been a top session singer, recording artist, stage and TV performer, songwriter, studio producer, public speaker, and coach. Judy teaches singers and speakers globally both from her office and online. She’s a published author, hosts the podcast All Things Vocal, and is currently working on a 12-module course in vocal training.

In the first part of our conversation, we spoke about a variety of topics, including: 

  • How Nashville is doing amidst the COVID-19 shutdowns (during which time this episode was recorded) 
  • Judy’s recommendations for how Nashvillians can proactively live through the challenges of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19
  • How Judy first developed a love for voice
  • Judy’s background in music growing up
  • Judy’s first paid gig
  • How Judy transitioned into being a vocal coach
  • Recording jingles as a staff member of the Pepper Tanner organization
  • Making up copy for a funeral home
  • How Judy started doing work writing longer copy
  • How taking voice lessons and learning to sing helps songwriters
  • The importance of silence and pauses when reading copy
  • The one question we have to ask ourselves when we communicate
  • Using our imaginations to anticipate others’ responses to our communication
  • Different ways of articulating in varying contexts

You can find out more about Judy and access all she has to offer at Check out her podcast All Things Vocal on your favorite podcast app.

You can also find Judy on social media:

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