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Ayurvedic Kitchari | Bonus Cooking Episode #6 with Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor | Ayurvedic Kitchari
29th April 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Tuesday April 24, 2018  and Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Andrea Catherine is here to share with us her spring cleanse.



Consistency, consistency, consistency…

I’m struggling this day because this weekend I was on google Analytics and trying to figure out what people are doing… because 25,000 people have been to my website and left within 10 seconds. It always tells me the average is 90 seconds but to see 25,000 have left in 10 seconds? Google Analytics is a rabbit hole. Part of me is like I should quit doing the show notes. I do the show notes for me because when I am talking with the guest it helps me remember what people say so i can tie it altogether. And someday I may write a book…anyway…

What’s cooking?

Fearless Self-Love Podcast

I finally tried the golden milk. I woke up from a bad dream and could not fall asleep and the golden milk totally worked!


The mystery and magic is more in the intension then the food


cooking and preparing food

has so much to do with the pausing

  • being with the ingredients
  • grinding up
  • spices for the golden milk

To me that’s the preparation for our digestion

slowing down

using our senses experience what we are preparing to receive the thing we are cooking for us

something easier to digest

calm our nervous system in a way that we can then receive.

preparing and drinking the milk was something that served you so well…

So i was listening to this podcast trying fall asleep with Gwenyth Paltrow interviewing Oprah and Oprah talks about how she is present in every single second of her life.

The GooP Podcast Oprah and Gwenyth

The GooP Podcast

I also texted you my phone screen died and I have my old iPhone 4 out and it won’t download anything etc. There were 2 Lewis Howe’s podcasts on there one with the Founder of Organifi and he was talking about Ayurvedic Nurtition.

Oprah doesn’t know it she’s totally my homegrown.

I totally think Hillary Clinton will come have tea in my garden someday. One thing I learned about Google Analytics my listeners go to news websites their news junkies like Mike. My mom and Mike are appalled with the whole Facebook thing my feeling is it’s time to buy facebook stock they’re not going anywhere. They take money now, they bought instagram!

I love instagram!

Everybody loves instagram!

I threaten quite often to throw my phone in the river

my ideal lifestyle would involve technology an hour a day or less

which is a long day off.

I’m just thinking about  when I’m happiest my phone is on airplane mode and my computer is no where near me

Im in the kitchen


in nature

all of these tools to connect us

we know they isolate us in a way

share with you what I wanted to talk about today

that pause

  • how to do that
  • why to do that

So Jackie it’s time for a cleanse for me at least. Every year, 2xs a year I do some kind of a cleanse involves Ayurvedic Kitchari 


Ayurvedic Kitchari

  • mung beans
  • basmati rice
  • vegetables in season
  • cilantro
  • cumin
  • coriander
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • avocado
  • herbal tea

that’s it

mono diet for 3-7 days

in the winter

fall transition

I stick to that mono diet


the body digests it very well

mung bean most easy to digest legume

white basmati easier to digest or stick to 

  • quiona
  • amaranth
  • dahl

beans themselves

spices in the golden milk help to digest the bean

help to eliminate gas

In springtime

what I will do

do about a weeklong cleanse

I will not just have Kitchari 

In the spring time I crave lighter things

  • green smoothie
  • Kitchari at lunch
  • nourishing meal that grounds me
  • probably a salad or

steamed veggies with sesame oil in the evening

cutting out

  • alcohol
  • sugar
  • processed foods

can be challenging

people want to play and do fun things

but it’s also a great time to pause

everything simplifies

opportunity to slow down

If I’m not drinking or going out with people it’s a good time to be

  • reflective
  • journal
  • get more sleep


Kitchari  Spring Cleanse

what does it mean to pause

Can you spell Kitchari?

sanscript is it’s a phonetic language so some people spell it

Kitchari   and some people spell it kichardi

Fearless Self-Love Podcast - Ayurvedic Kitchari recipe from Andrea Catherine

I’ll post my recipe on my website so folks can find

life spa Dr. John Douillard

easy to digest food

mung bean based

  • tumeric
  • corirandor
  • cumin
  • fennil
  • cardomon
  • cilantro

if you need extra fat you can add

  • avacado
  • sesame oil
  • ghee

I love food even when I’m cleansing, eating a mono-diet I still have to be mindful

Some people eating the same thing will bore them they won’t eat as much

I really love food

observe eating habits.

I’m so confused, that sounds so good… that’s all you eat? I keep waiting for you to be like the next day you do ….

this is a great questions

in the spring I tend to have the Kitchari 

at lunch

wanting to feel lighter

simplification easy digestion

juice fast

  • blending of the juices
  • makes it easier to digest

I don’t recommend a juice fast for many people, if you want to know more about that you can contact me directly

reasons we do that Kitchari 

cleanse we want it to be simple on the body


slowing our bodies down


can still taste good, it doesn’t have to be brutal. I just wrote a blog post about when I brutalize myself when I actually need to be more gental

uplevel our physical well being without being brutal

Kitchari cleans is different then a fast

entry level approach is more then changing your diet is to simply slow down

Making the same meal multiple days in a row

making enough in the morning for 3 meals

I have more at lunch and have less at dinner

soupy version with cinnamon mentally

phsically emotionally to slow down

  • I notice I have less gas
  • less likely to feel constipated
  • digestive issues

eat out with friends


find a rhythm

require maybe bringing your food places

  • incorporates this other element of focus and discipline

not gonna do that click off right now

one day

simplify your food

can be one day Kitchari or not

today I’m gonna cook

  • eat local foods

Or cut out

  • processed foods
  • sugar
  • caffiene

put things in our body that don’t help us to just be that equilibrium of ease

Great time of year to do it

It’s a season of congestion

I can feel it sinuses as I talk

want to break that up be light and playful up here in Montana on the river and mountain and feel good and springy in our bodies instead of weighed down by winter.

I am really feeling weighed down by winter! I did go to the park this morning before school but I wanted to go again, I feel like I am feeling like I go 3 steps backward and one step forward.

I can relate in crossfit

  • I felt that way
  • I am the slowest one hear
  • why am I doing this?
  • push ups are getting harder every day?!


we make progress and this happens in a cleanse too we sometimes feel worse before we get better. Sometimes things get messier before they get better, we have to clear the gunk out…

body’s recalibration

things move through us

mentally and emotionally

sometimes a cleanse or upping our physical game

any physical change or dietary change 

part of the process.

Makes me think of

cleaning out my closet

office where my bed was

  • big project
  • so much stuff

in order to get clean and clear and organized

needed to get removed!

vacuumed and cleared

I like all this definitely goes with spring cleaning. Mike is even feeling this way finally getting into the garden, planted like 345 potatoes? The other day it’s like now at 7pm and he starts up the rototiller. I can see that he’s been sore and stuff getting back into the dirt!

I bet listeners are relating!

its the time

compassionate with ourselves

gets a little confusing

what does it look like to be compassionate with myself?

Im cleansing but I still want to stay on track?

In our culture we reward ourselves with food

local food



comes up being judgmental

I know a practice I like is to think of how can I nourish myself without food? 

If I am craving warmth or connection

Maybe it’s time

  • for a bath
  • get in bed early to read a good book
  • snuggle with my dog
  • massage
  • call an old friend

Show up for ourselves

can we do them

without putting a bunch a junk in our bodies

thinking about cleansing

sometimes that comes up

empty or disconnected


up the compassion how can you nourish yoruself in this moment?

what would you say to your friend

how can you meet for comfort without breaking whatever your craving. 

carrots from Mike's Green Garden

I have been craving carrots. And I actually took a day off and went for a big walk with my best friend because I just needed it. I told her if anyone asks I’m calling you my therapists. I have also been shutting off my tv and crawling into bed with a book, but I am finally getting up at 4:20 again so I can be at the park at 6am to walk before school.

I can no longer say I am going to the gym in the dark.