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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 58, 3rd May 2020
Trusting Signs from the Universe

Trusting Signs from the Universe

You all know that we love talking about signs, symbols and clues from the Universe and of course WE call these Divine Breadcrumbs. Our guest today takes that idea to a whole new level and has gifted the world with her creativity, heart, wisdom, connection and sense of service. In this episode we are talking with the luminous, Simran Singh.

Simran is founder and creator of the 11:11 magazine, an award-winning online magazine focusing on self-coaching and life enhancement, supporting individuals on their paths to personal development and self-realization. She also hosts the 11:11 radio show, where she’s interviewed some of the top thought leaders around the globe.

Simran is also the author of one of our favorite books, Conversations with the Universe, which talks about how life is continually guiding us through signs, symbols and synchronicity for the greater realization that, as Simran says "we are not on a journey… we are the journey."

We have been following Simran's work for a long time! We watched as Simran traveled across the country on her Rebel Road tour, we watched her videos, and read anything we could get our hands on. We are so blessed and excited to have her on our show.

Grab a chair, a cup of tea and get cozy. We're going deep!

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