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We Discuss the Great Training Robbery. Would Your Money Be Better Spent on Coaching?
Episode 725th May 2021 • The Coaching Question • The Coaching Question Podcast
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In this episode we discuss the Great Training Robbery and whether training or coaching is a better investment. If you’ve only got so much money, how should you be splitting your budget to get your best return?

What is the Great Training Robbery?

The Harvard Business Review article ‘The Great Training Robbery’ states that in 2012 U.S. corporations spent $164.2 billion on training and education. Overwhelming evidence and experience shows, however, that most companies are unable to transfer employee learning into changes in individual and organization behaviour or improved financial performance. A meta analysis of many training studies finds that only 10% of training programs are effective. The authors’ main premise is that a system must be changed before individual behavior can be changed through training programs.

The article present a list of ‘silent killers’ questions and if the answer to any of these is ‘yes’, the idea is that you shouldn’t start with training, but consider a coaching led intervention first. We share these questions in the episode.


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