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Navigating Workplace Politics With Misasha Suzuki Graham
Episode 4326th March 2024 • Communicate Like You Give A Damn • Kim Clark
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Join Kim Clark and special guest Me Sasha Suzuki Graham for a timely conversation on addressing politics in professional settings on the next episode of Communicate Like You Give A Damn. From unpacking the complexities of identity and privilege to challenging the notion of avoiding political discourse, Kim and Misasha offer insights into fostering inclusive dialogue and navigating sensitive topics with empathy. Drawing from personal experiences and professional insights, they explore strategies for reshaping workplace communication and creating environments where all voices are heard and respected. Tune in for practical guidance on engaging authentically in the evolving landscape of workplace discourse.

About The Guest:

A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Law School, Misasha Suzuki Graham has been a practicing litigator for over 15 years, and is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession as well as in her communities. She is a facilitator, writer, and speaker regarding issues of racial justice and children, the co-author of Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism, and the co-host of Dear White Women, a social justice podcast. Misasha, who is biracial (Japanese and White), is the proud mom of two very active multiracial tween boys. They live in the Bay Area of California with their largely indifferent cat.

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About Kim:

Kim Clark (she/her) focuses her work on the communicator and content creator's role in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She is the co-author of The Conscious Communicator: The fine art of not saying stupid sh*t, an Amazon #1 bestseller and the leading voice for DEI communications and social justice messaging for brands.

She speaks at conferences, writes custom workshops, writes inclusive communications guides, and consults with companies on all things related to diversity, equity, and inclusion communications. Kim is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a cisgender woman, Native American (Muscogee Nation) and a mom of two kids with disabilities. These marginalized identities and the privileges that come with society seeing her as White motivate her daily for social change.

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