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Lightning Pod: Roth IRAs, Chipotle Stock, Financial Planning - Ep. 77
Episode 7710th May 2024 • FPOG: Financial Planning for Oil & Gas Professionals • Brownlee Wealth Management
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In this episode of FPOG, we're excited to bring back our lightning round format and it's been a while since it's just been the two of us—Justin and Jared—diving into your questions and our thoughts on various financial planning strategies and investment insights.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Roth IRA Utilization: We kicked off the episode with a deep dive into when to use a Roth IRA. Despite our strong advocacy for Roth IRAs due to their tax-free growth and benefits as a legacy asset, we explored the nuanced decisions about when it might actually make sense to spend from a Roth IRA. Scenarios like managing Medicare premiums or specific high-tax situations were discussed as potential exceptions to the general rule of preserving Roth IRA funds.
  2. Financial Planners Having Financial Planners: Next, we tackled a meta-question—do financial planners have their own financial planners? We shared our personal experiences and the benefits of having a sounding board, even as experts. The discussion highlighted the importance of objectivity and the different perspectives a financial planner can offer, even to those who are themselves in the profession.
  3. Chipotle's Stock Analysis: Lastly, we spiced things up with a discussion about Chipotle's stock performance. Despite some perceived declines in product quality, Chipotle's stock has seen impressive gains, which led us to explore the complexities of stock valuation, market expectations, and the sometimes tenuous link between a company's stock performance and its operational realities.

This episode was packed with insights from listener questions and our ongoing observations of the financial space. Whether discussing investment vehicles like Roth IRAs, the dynamics of financial planning within our profession, or analyzing individual stock performances, our goal is to provide you with thoughtful and actionable financial advice tailored to the unique needs of oil and gas professionals.

Remember, if you have questions or topics you'd like us to explore in future episodes, don't hesitate to reach out at Thanks for tuning in, and we look forward to bringing you more insights in our next episode!

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