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099 Leslie Zane: Brands and the Subconscious Advantage Part 2 of a Two-Part Interview
Episode 9920th April 2021 • Paradigm Shift with Christina Martini • Christina Martini
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In this episode, Christina Martini and Leslie Zane discuss:

  • The Brand Connectome. 
  • Cracking the code on brand growth. 
  • Common misconceptions and misperceptions about branding. 
  • Differences between new brands and established brands. 


Key Takeaways:

  • A Brand Connectome goes beyond what the company puts out, and goes into what we, as consumers, put into the brand individually. 
  • Perceptions drive everything, not price or differentiation. 
  • Your brand is not stuck where it is. Brands are dynamic and resilient when managed properly. 
  • Established brands can grow quickly and with new waves of growth as they get rid of old, negative associations. 


"If you want to grow your brand in the marketplace, you first have to grow your brand in the subconscious." — Leslie Zane


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