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Five Mistakes Affluent Homeowners Make
Episode 85th January 2022 • Path to Abundant Living • Scott Morrison and Matt Nordmann
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Affluent families and individuals often have an overwhelming amount of things on their plate, making it easy to overlook issues tied to one of their largest assets. Our homes are not only a massive asset, but they are also important to our financial security and personal sense of stability.

In the latest installment of Path to Abundant Living, Matt and Scott are identifying the five critical mistakes that affluent homeowners are making today. Whether it be a lack of adequate coverage, or ensuring the right items are covered under different policies, affluent families are regularly making costly mistakes!

This is an episode packed with useful information to help mitigate risk within your portfolio and bolster your financial plan overall. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yet another thought-provoking episode!


0:06 - Overview on the topic of the day

1:44 - Why homeowners should be doing a financial check up on their homes

3:20 - The five most significant mistakes homeowners are making these days

5:30 - The most concerning issues with making these mistakes

7:30 - How someone can tell if they have a lack of adequate coverage

8:46 - Issues for families that have more than one home

10:30 - The importance of listing LLC's on a homeowners insurance policy

12:16 - Issues related to homes with unique architecture or building materials

14:20 - Issues related to valuable collections and heirlooms

17:20 - Next steps for those looking to take action and mitigate these potential risks

20:13 - Closing remarks

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