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Creating Optimal Health with Dr. Varun Gandhi
Episode 16119th June 2023 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy and Brenda talk to Dr. Varun Gandhi about moving away from the Standard American Diet and creating optimal health to develop a deep connection to self.

We discuss:

Varun's health journey and moving away from a Standard American Diet (SAD)

His diet like before he became healthy

Diet after the SAD what shifted for him

How he maintains a healthy lifestyle with ease and how this has impacted his life

What lessons were learned

How has listening to his body supported his healing journey? 

How his work is supporting the bigger picture of healing the world and what their Macrovision is for the work that he does

Dr. Varun Gandhi is a life orchestrator, soulpreneur, Angel investor, inventor, philanthropist and a water doctor. He enjoys orchestrating businesses, events, and ideas about the self (self-image)! He is currently focused on creating a digital course called Whats Your Story, which allows you to create your Life Film, a chart consisting of your memories, experiences, and defining moments that have left an impression. Each of these moments have a lesson to be learned for you. Your ‘My Life Film’ also allows you to create new meaning to your past experiences, create a new future YOU and write affirmations that help maintain the new you! 

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