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Options Trading Research: Selling Naked Puts on IWM
Episode 2414th April 2021 • Stock Market Options Trading • Eric O'Rourke
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In this week's podcast, I expand some options trading research I've been posting on the YouTube channel around selling naked puts on IWM and SPY ETFs. We're going to focus on IWM for this episode but encourage you to check the different variations of this strategy on YouTube.

Here are the links to the YouTube videos:

Selling Puts on IWM:

Selling Puts on SPY:

For the visual aids for this episode's research study, head over to and look for Episode 24 in the podcast section where you'll see the results and be able to ask questions and give feedback related to this and future research studies. 

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J. Eric O'Rourke 

PS: Check out the YouTube channel too for more trading resources.



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