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Ep. #39 | 9/11 Facts, Myths and Theories with Adam Fitzgerald
Episode 3924th July 2023 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 39, Marc welcomes in 9/11 researcher Adam Fitzgerald of the Darkened Hour podcast. Adam has dedicated countless hours to understand the events of 9/11, and has been equally critical of both the "official" narrative as well much of the "9/11 Truth" community. Adam's meticulous approach to his research and attempts to push back against more "far out" theories made him the perfect candidate to first broach this subject with. You won't be disappointed.

In the Smoke-Filled Room bonus segment for Premium subscribers, we dig into some of the biggest "wtf" aspects of 9/11, from the "magic passport" to the BBC's early reporting of the collapse of Building 7 to...yes, we go there...the "Dancing Israelis."

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