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Beethoven walks into a bar... - Kansas City Symphony EPISODE 14, 17th May 2021
Juggling Life with Larry Figg
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Juggling Life with Larry Figg

This week is all about hobbies...whether its knitting, gardening, barbecuing or golfing, our hobbies are what have kept us sane throughout the past year. In this episode of Beethoven Walks into a Bar, we meet the ultimate hobbyist Larry Figg. When he's not playing cello in the Kansas City Symphony, you can find Larry flying radio controlled airplanes, making videos, stargazing, and...juggling! We talk with Larry about all of these hobbies and more, this week on Beethoven Walks into a Bar!

Anthony Gatto at the Monte Carlo 30th Festival Performance

Anthony Gatto is Better than you can Imagine!

Larry Figg Summertime Juggling Reel