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What should you do if programs offer BOTH in-person and virtual interview options?
Episode 1713th September 2021 • The Post-Graduate Pharmacist • Sean Smithgall & Taylor Steuber
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This week we are joined by Dr. Lea Eiland to discuss a possible crossroads that candidates may be faced with this interview season. What if programs offer in-person and virtual interview formats? What should you choose? Which option will give you the best chance at securing the post-graduate training position? Is it worth the extra cost of travel? All these topics are explored and more in this episode.

Topics discussed:

Choosing between virtual or in-person interviews

  1. Always consider your health, along with what is the best impression to the program for you.

Why in-person may be a better idea than virtual

  1. Allows you to see future practice sites and new cities
  2. Meet more people
  3. Allows you and the interviewers to get a better feel for each other

Should candidates stick to one interview type over the other?

  1. Do what's best for you if presented with the option
  2. Depends on program
  3. Do what best fits your schedule

Should the cost of traveling be a consideration?

  1. Cost should be considered when applying
  2. Virtual residency fairs may allow you to make a decision sooner by being able to ask questions
  3. Apply to wherever you see yourself liking most
  4. Don't limit your opportunities

Tips for virtual interviews

  1. Try and convey who you are
  2. Ask strong questions and be able to answer their questions
  3. Consider an appropriate, simple background
  4. Dress as if in person
  5. Check surroundings
  6. Take notes
  7. Practice! Practice! Practice!
  8. Don't log in too early.

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